In 2008 I co-founded AlexIT AB with the sole purpose of bringing our research into routine practice at student health care centres located at universitites in Sweden. This was the beginning of the Livsstilsportal project, which is still being used by the majority of healt care centres today. The portal is now also being used by health care professionals that serve employees at mid and large sized companies, in conjunction with the spinoff product Hälsoprofil.

I am the sole architect and developer of all products from AlexIT, and all of our lifestyle interventions can be found here: Livsstilsanalys. From 2015 we are also offering interventions that are not only web form based but are delivered through SMS messages. In 2012 I founded Ikonisk AB which now is responsible for all the development, operation and maintenance of all AlexIT's and Bendtsen & Johansson's products. Ikonisk also has several new projects within the domain of financial and sports analytics.