I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Lifestyle Intervention Implementation Research Group (LiiR), part of the Division of Community Medicine (SAM) at the Department of Medical and Health Sciences (IMH) at Linköping University. I also lead the research, development and operation of several health and finance related products under management of AlexIT and Ikonisk.

My research is focused on the intersection between machine learning and health science. While in many cases one of these domains dominate certain projects, the goal of my research is to find a symbiosis between the two. The general research approach taken in health sciences (such as randomised controlled trials) can be greatly enhanced by machine learning, specifically in utilising and analysing the collected data to inform future development and implementation. Likewise, important research questions in machine learning can be discovered by understanding the difficulties faced in health sciences.

To contact me please email: marcus(dot)bendtsen(at)liu(dot)se